Teaching Children To Respect Authority Figures

Parenting is one of the most challenging yet rewarding adventures of life. Unfortunately, human nature is not innately good and needs specific and continuous direction in order to conquer his natural tendencies. In addition, cultural influences often flaunt a grave disregard for proper behaviors. Training a child to respect authority becomes no less difficult as he becomes more familiar with those influences.

The word train is more appropriate than teach. Children can be told what to do, but if desired behaviors are illustrated for their regular observation they will be more likely to Continue reading ‘Teaching Children To Respect Authority Figures’

Teaching Kids about Stranger Danger

There are lots of things you can do in the home to keep a child safe – buying some decent windows, replacing locks, putting in lighting. You can even hit up home security sites like www.homesecurity101.com/, however, what do you do outside the home?

When your kids get older, they start going to school and hanging out with friends…and, really, you can’t be there with them all the time. The only way you can really keep these kids safe is by imparting the necessary wisdom regarding stranger danger.

For starters, your children should know that they are not to approach or speak with any adults they don’t know. They should also know how to act should a stranger persist in following them – scream “fire” and try to run away.

Unfortunately, the topic of strangers can be a little hard to talk about since virtually anyone could be a stranger – even the mailman you greet in the morning. The parents or relatives of your child’s friends could be strangers. Even the ice cream truck driver or the policeman directing traffic.

Code words can come in handy for this type of situation as they help your child identify and distinguish between strangers and trusted adults. Just make sure that the word is something you’ll both remember.

The Best Educational Toys For Children

For any parent that has a child, one can tell you that one of the most important things that they want their child to obtain is knowledge. It’s never too early to start teaching your child the fundamentals of math, colors, shapes and more. To help assist these children with learning these basics, there are countless Continue reading ‘The Best Educational Toys For Children’

Keeping Pre-Teens Safe

Keeping your kids safe means more than just a good ADT Home Security system and teaching them not to talk to strangerswhat else should they know that you’re forgetting? Here are some tips for talking to pre-teens about the dangers that lie ahead:
Kitchen Equipment: Most home accidents ovvur in the kitchen which means you should take extra care when showing your kids what to use. Knives and stoves can be dangerous without proper technique so warn your kids of the dangers.
Legal Substances: It’s not illegal drugs you need to be worried about, it’s stuff you already have at home. Alcohol and prescription drugs are often experimented with at this phase and both can be deadly. Have frequent conversations and make sure your kids know they can come to you if they’re ever in trouble.
Cars: When your kids hit this age they’re likely going to have friends who can driveset some ground rules. Don’t let them ride with more than 2 other teens and no talking on the phone while driving. Ever. These should be non-negotiables.

Playing Can Also Be A Learning Experience

Playtime is a great opportunity for children to learn all sorts of needed skills. Some parents are not aware that the hours children spend playing make believe is preparing them for the future. They are practicing parenting skills while playing house and mimicing what they see being played out at home. It is important to let them have time to use their imaginations and spend time trying and doing things on their own.

Because many Continue reading ‘Playing Can Also Be A Learning Experience’

Creating Fun And Educational Play Dates

Who does not love a good play date? Mommies get a chance to talk face to face with other mommies and the little ones love the opportunity to interact with their friends. Sounds like a win-win, right?
Play dates are great, we all agree on this. But they could be even better if they are educational. What could possibly beat getting together for some good old fashioned adult time, letting your little one play with friends, and leaving with the satisfaction of knowing your child may have even learned something?
It is easy to make play Continue reading ‘Creating Fun And Educational Play Dates’

Teaching An Only Child The Importance Of Sharing

An only child could be considered a very lucky child when it comes to toys. After all, they are all his. He doesn’t have to worry about a little brother or sister stealing, breaking, or losing his toy. He knows where his toys are and he knows that they are all his. He doesn’t have to share.
But what happens when cousins or friends come to visit? Suddenly there are little hands all over his toys. If your little Continue reading ‘Teaching An Only Child The Importance Of Sharing’

Immerse Children In Culture With A Museum Visit

In today’s busy society there may not be time for a family vacations to Malawi encountering the history and tradition in wood carving of kings chairs, or to Bali and experiencing the beauty of their hand created beading. There is time however for adventures near by. The wealth of knowledge and participation from around the globe can be held within the walls of a museum. Exposing your children to the cultural traditions and history of people filling our world Continue reading ‘Immerse Children In Culture With A Museum Visit’